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Homemade Natural Soap Bars

Welcome to Daisy Delight Homemade Natural Soap made in small batches with the hot process to create high-quality soap. Our soaps are 100% natural ingredients smooth bubble and creamy that you will see the difference and sure to enjoy plus get plenty of benefits from essential oils. Daisy Delight Soaps are good for all skin types* and you can use for facial and body.

PLEASE NOTE: Handmade soap will last longer if kept dry after each used. To extend the life of your soap, use a draining soap dish and keep it away from direct streams of water. 

With handcrafted nature, design and shape may vary slightly. Colour variation may occur in the products due to natural ingredients but, the quality is the same.

* ( for sensitive skin we recommend to avoid soaps contain spice, they might irritate your skin )

* ( for oily skin we recommend to avoid apply to face, which you can use a product for face oily type )

Daisy Delight Bars

Featured Items


Coffee Peppermint

Morning Fresh


Tea Tree Nutmeg

Skin Healthy


French Pink Clay Lavender

Soft and Smooth


Turmeric Frankincense

Promote Brightening

Made with Love and Care

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